Wake Up and Stay Alert Using Essential Oils

Whether it’s a long work day, you’ve been up all night with the little ones or it’s your regular routine to burn the candle at both ends, finding natural relief for an energy zap can be challenging. The power of essential oils for helping us rejuvenate and maintain alertness is a largely untapped, yet safe, reliable resource at-home and on the go. Convenient and compact enough to throw in a gym bag or keep on your desk or work station for when you need reviving, the following essential oils can help you wake up and stay alert feeling calm and attentive throughout your day.

Revitalizing Essential Oils


Characterized by a woody, fresh, sometimes camphor-like scent. Rosemary acts as a strong restorative, stimulating tonic for your most tired days.


Characterized by a crisp, clear, yet woody aroma. Juniper acts to bolster spirits when feeling down and sleepy and is known to help people “rise to challenges” when out of energy.

Pine Needle

Characterized by an aromatic, woody and crisp scent. Pine needle is known to relieve mental and physical fatigue. It is said to have a cleansing and clearing effect on an entire room making it ideal after a long day or night.


Characterized by a crisp, slightly sweet and refreshing aroma. Lime is especially helpful if you’re feeling fatigued during respiratory illness.

Black Pepper

Characterized by its floral scent. Black pepper increases alertness and stamina to wake up the most tired person.

Revitalizing Blend

Rosemary, juniper and pine needle, when blended together can offer stimulating effects and help with mental and physical endurance to help you wake up and stay awake. This is great for someone working a swing shift through the darker hours or for people pulling all night work sessions because of the combination’s clearing, focusing properties.

Mix together the following:

  • 14 drops juniper
  • 8 drops rosemary
  • 8 drops pine needle

To make an on-the-go spray, add the contents to 8 ounces of water and spray as needed.

Using Essential Oils With Infants and Children

The regular use of essential oils is also safe and helpful for infants and children as well. Let’s face it, we’re not the only ones who get tired! With the pressure of homework and early mornings off to school, sometimes the kids need a little pep in their step too. For new mothers, you can also use essential oils to help your baby stay awake long enough to breast feed or to naturally help get them on your desired sleeping schedule.

Tips for School-Aged Children

  • Tuck a small cotton ball or tissue into the lapel, collar or pocket of your child’s shirt (out of sight to not embarrass) that has had peppermint and lime essential oils dabbed on.
  • With the same oil, dab a small drop directly onto the collar or neckline
  • When kids are getting ready in the morning, place an essential oil diffuser in their common area- try it in the bathroom or their bedroom. Peppermint and pine needle are great for getting a fresh start at the end of a long week.

Tips For a Infants

  • Dilute peppermint and lime essential oils in water and spray in the area you’re breastfeeding or where baby is playing. You can also use a diffuser. While it might be tempting to dab an oil on your neckline to help keep baby awake be careful to avoid an area that baby’s new sensitive skin or mouth may make contact with to avoid irritation.

Remember, be sure to test out essential oils at home before using and to properly dilute before applying directly to skin.

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