Kelli and I (Taylor), having finally graduated from school are just starting out on our “real life.” I, the Utahn, obviously think that I grew up in the best state of the union and my beautiful wife, the Californian has been trying to convince me otherwise during our two years of marriage. We met while both studying at Brigham Young University and have been in love ever since. She may see it differently, but that is the true story.

In our little snippet I claimed that Kelli and I try to live a “realistic” essential oil lifestyle. Whatever could I mean by that? It has been a long and slow transformation as we slowly replaced components of our life with essential oils. We are still learning the ins and outs, but have found some pretty awesome things to do with these wonderfully smelling (well most of the time) oils. I can tell you that I would have never seen myself as someone who used essential oils.

I am not exactly what you would call a health nut. I exercise, play basketball, drink water, and all of that good stuff, but I have also been known to polish off a bag of BBQ potato chips in one sitting (same story with Kelli except its a tub of ice cream of some extremely chocolatey variety). At the beginning of my studies, I quickly found that I needed a job.  A friend of mine suggested that I work with him at the company he was working for. It was just a call center job but I was excited for anything. So, in no time I found myself interviewing for what I found out was an essential oil company. I remember looking around thinking, “These people have fallen off the turnip truck and I need to get out of here.” Within the first 5 minutes I had three people applying oils on my neck, hands, and any other exposed flesh to “cure” my ailments. But hey, I needed a job.

So, here I am, working at one of the largest essential oil companies, and a strange thing started to happen. I found myself using the oils. I have suffered from asthma for years and years and had grown accustomed to using an inhaler. Finally, one day I relented and used a blend of oils that the company sells which included eucalyptus and peppermint.  I must admit–I was floored! By George the stuff actually worked! Three years later, I worked as an account manager working with some serious oil junkies and day by day I became more dependent on this alternative lifestyle.  And I can’t tell you how good it feels!

Nowadays, I am out sharing the essential oil lifestyle in a realistic way. Slowly replacing less-than-natural solutions with way-super-natural ones. I specialize in helping the ordinary person find important life changing oils, as well as the “just for fun” uses for these oils. Kelli also worked the company for a stint (just enough to catch the bug) and now she works as a high school teacher by day, and an oil junkie by night.

The best part of my current job is traveling around the country to speak with different oil enthusiasts that I previously worked with as an account manager.  I help them and their teams make the most of this lifestyle.  I was recently in Seattle talking with a group.  While telling my “oil story,” somebody near the back yelled, “You not only fell off the turnip truck, you’re driving it!” I definitely didn’t expect that to be the case, but, yet, here I am in the drivers seat.